Yamaha MG124C 8 Channel Mixing Desk




The Yamaha MG124CX has a total of 12 input channels – four mono microphone/line inputs with Neutrik connectors and four stereo line inputs that offer complete connectivity to a wide range of microphones and instruments, including condenser microphones and Phantom Power for studio recording. Two of the stereo line inputs can also function as mono microphone inputs, giving you up to six simultaneous mono microphone inputs when needed. Built-in channel compressors can also be applied for signal integrity and consistency, especially useful to help your lead vocals cut through in the mix. 3-band Channel EQ and a High-pass Filter also allow you to fine-tune and tweak each channel as meticulously as you like, and offers isolation for microphone inputs to focus the sound on the frequencies that matter most. A versatile output routing area provides high quality XLR and 1/4″ jack outputs to connect your mixer directly to your PA with no compromise in sound quality.

Yamaha’s trademark SPX effects incorporates a versatile digital multi-effect processor that provides a range of reverb, delay, modulation, and distortion programs you can use to refine and define your sound. Each of the 16 effect programs has a number of editable parameters as well as effect on/off switching capability and return level control. A dedicated 1/4″ footswitch jack also gives you hands-free control over effect On/Off switching.