Shure ULXD4D Dual Receiver




Shure’s ULXD4D is a full rack, dual channel, networkable receiver for use with ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems. 24 bit / 48 kHz digital audio quality, spectrum efficient and intelligent RF performance, and AES-256 bit encryption, all combine to make the ULXD4D perfectly suited to any size of professional sound reinforcement application. Additional features of this dual version include Bodypack Frequency Diversity, audio output channel summing, and Dante™ digital networking for audio over Ethernet. High Density mode enables up to 63 active transmitters in one 8 MHz TV channel.


Weight: 3360g
Height x Width x Depth: 44.0 x 482.0 x 274.0 mm
Transmission: Digital in UHF TV band
Power Supply: Internal
Housings: Metal
Active Antenna Possible: Yes
Biass via BNC: Yes
Encryption: 256 Bit AES
High Density Mode: Yes
Interference Detection: Yes
Number of compatible systems per frequency band: 70
DANTE Audio Network Interface: Yes
Scan Features: Channel Scan, Group Scan, Spectrum Scan
Sync Features: IR Sync
Detachable Antennas: Yes
Network Ability: DANTE
Logic: No
Cascade: Yes
Rack Hardware: Integrated, Not needed
Receiver Displays: Multi-function LCD
Receiver Type: Dual
Included Antenna: External 1/2 wave
Battery Status: Leveled battery life indication, HH:MM (Hours & Minutes)
Line Mic Switch: Yes
Image Rejection: 70 dB, typical
RF Sensitivity: -98dBm, for 12dB SINAD, typical
Phantom Power Protection: Yes
Spurious Rejection: 80 dB, typical
Antenna Input Impedance: 50 Ω