Datapath Fx4




The Datapath Fx4 is a perfect example of a high quality, standalone display controller that supports a choice of inputs, high bandwidth loop-through as well as 4 genlocked HDMI outputs. The Fx4 features a display port1.2 main input alongside two HDMI1.4 inputs offering 4K @ 4096x2160p at 60fps or UHD 2160p at 30fps. Inputs are easily changeable using the Datapath’s easy to use user interface. Output monitors can take their inputs from any region of the input image as all of the required cropping, scaling, rotation and frame-rate conversion is handled by the Datapath’s Fx4 hardware.

The Datapath Fx4 has two ethernet ports to allow users to add the device to their existing networks. Only one Fx4 in the chain required a physical LAN connection as ethernet loop through is supported on the second port meaning multiple devices can be connected.

One of the most popular of the Fx4’s features is its multiscreen design tool. This features allows users to add displays from the ever expanding array of monitors, visualise their own content by adding inputs and adjusting display regions and finally the users now have the ability to instantly program all of the Datapath Fx4’s either via a network or USB connection.

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