Barco S3-4K Video Processor




Here at ATC we have a wide range of video equipment ready for you to hire at a moments notice. One of our latest investments is the brand new Barco S3-4K. An image processor featuring twelve input channels, four program outputs, four AUX outputs and two dedicated multi-viewer outputs, the S3-4K is the Barco E2’s image processor’s more compact sidekick. Under the hood, however, it boasts the same processing performance, image quality, flexibility and rugged durability as its younger brother. In short: all the tools you can hire to create a stunning live experience at an event, in a single compact and roadworthy housing.

If you’d like to speak to someone at ATC about AV hire or event production, just give us a call on 01827 301010 or 0207 940 5353.​


Video Inputs:
3 x 4K inputs (each supporting up to 4K@60P)
4 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G Ready)
4 x HDMI 1.4a (297 Mpix/sec max)

4 x DisplayPort 1.1 (330 Mpix/sec max)

Video Outputs:
10 Outputs via 3 output cards (Event Mater series cards)
4 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G Ready)
4 x HDMI 1.4a (297 Mpix/spec max)
2 x HDMI 1.4a Multiviewer (297 Mpix/spec max)

Program Output:
4 Program outputs configurable as single screens or tiled/blended widescreen
Configurable from 4 x 2048×1200@60 max to 1 x 4096×2400@60 max
Independent edge blending/feathering control for all four sides