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Audio and visual equipment hire – available here at ATComms. Ranging from the Hive Mastercue to the Logitech Wireless Presenter, we hold an extensive collection of Audio Visual systems to allow your next event to run smoothly.

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  • Hive Countdown Touch


    The CountDown Touch speaker timing system is another generation design for our timing products. Its features have been improved to create an easy to use presenter timing product aimed at technicians themselves. Inspired by touch screen phones etc. our CountDown Touch works using the same principles. Tra c light colours on the display gives the presenter another comfortable and familiar sense of time frame in which the presentation is enclosed.

  • Hive Filibuster

    This system will give everyone a good clear signal of when to begin and cease talking.
    The unit is AC Mains powered, and has 2 XLR connectors for the Big, Standard and Mini numeric displays as well as the Combi-Lamp and Combi-Tower,to give a tailored system for your presenters to run to time.
    Complete with 4 memory locations for fast preprogramed times, and the Filibuster will also count past zero when in countdown mode.
  • Hive Countdown Remote Display


    Our Countdown Remote Display System can be programmed to count up or down for any duration, the separator between the minutes and seconds changes from Green, to Amber and then to Red. The system can also run in normal clock mode to display real time if required.

  • Hive Traffic Light System


    The Traffic Light system silently prompts presenters when to speak with a green light, hen to summarise with an amber light and when to finish with a red light. The indicator display lamps are self-contained and are connected using standard 3-core XLR cables.

  • Hive Radio MasterCue Light System


    Our MasterCue V6 is a wireless presenter control system with 3 x USB ports to control up to 3 computers. The system also includes a confidence lamp providing the presenter with a clear, on-stage, coloured, visual confirmation of their cues.

  • Hive MicroCue2 Cue Light


    MicroCue2 cueing system utilises the renowned Interspace Industries wireless remote cueing system which allows for full presenter mobility on stage. The cueing control unit displays colour coded cues via a visual display as well as producing audible cue sounds which can be monitored via headphones if required. The line-of-sight range in an enclosed venue typically exceeds 75m.

  • Logitech 2.4Ghz Cordless Presenter


    Now available to hire from ATC. This handy wireless presenter lets you navigate through slideshows and highlight your points using a brilliant red laser pointer, making it easier for your audience to follow. With 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a wireless range of up to 30 m, you can take control of your presentations, no matter where you’re standing.