Video Equipment

Explore our range of professional video equipment – available to hire today! From LED walls to vision mixers and everything in between, we have a comprehensive selection of video equipment to help make your next event great.

  • Laser Projectors (7)

    Laser Projectors
    Laser projector hire - available here at AT Communications. We stock the latest and greatest in laser projection technology. Only Panasonic products can provide the superior picture quality and the highest level of reliability. Panasonics laser technology assures up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, not just for the laser but for the whole product.
  • HD Projectors (4)

    HD Projectors
    HD projector hire - available here at ATComms. Our Panasonic HD Projector range has the breadth and depth to support any event. Our HD Projection ranges from 6k up to 20k lumens and all come in their own flying frame to add to their versatility. We also have a full compliment of Panasonic 1-chip and 3-chip lenses to push your vision further.
  • Projector Lenses (4)

    Projector Lenses
    Projector lens hire - available here at ATComms. We stock multiple projector lenses ranging from Panasonic 3 chips to Barco DLP. All of our lenses are carefully maintained and stored in durable flight cases for easy transportation.
  • Projection Screens (13)

    Projection Screens
    Projection screen hire - available here at ATComms. Our fast-fold screens are the perfect solution to help bring projection to your event. We stock a wide range of screen sizes in both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios which are regularly maintained to keep them in their best condition. Our screens are amongst some of the quickest to set up that are on the market today and as all of our screens have protective hard cases, transporting has never been easier.
  • LED (4)

    LED wall hire - available here at ATComms. Our LED wall is a very flexible system that provides quick and easy installation. With output of 1,200 Nits and 16 bit colour processing, this LED video display is sure to deliver the super amazing image quality in any indoor setting, ideal for applications requiring extremely close viewing distances.
  • Presentation Systems (8)

    Presentation Systems
    Presentation system hire - available here at ATComms. We have a wide range of video equipment and processors ready for you to hire at a moments notice. One of our latest investments is the brand new Barco e2. A presentation system which provides superior image quality, exceptional input and output density, great expandability and durability.
  • Disguise Media Server (4)

    Disguise Media Server
    Media server hire - available here at ATComms. The 2x2plus Disguise Media Server is a multi-purpose media server - incorporating 3D set design, live show operation, high-quality video playback and precise projection mapping. This is all integrated into one hardware system which runs its own specialised software.
  • Cameras (12)

    Professional video camera equipment and camcorders to hire - available here at ATComms. We stock the very best in professional camera equipment, ranging from Sony’s HSC to Canon’s XA25. All of our cameras are perfect for filming and recording your event. All of our cameras are carefully maintained to provide the upmost in quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Camera Accessories (9)

    Camera Accessories
    Camera accessories to hire - available here at ATComms. We pride ourselves in having one of the best camera accessory selections out there. Ranging from high definition lenses to Manfrotto tripods. All of these are primed and ready for your event.
  • LED/LCD Screens (15)

    LED/LCD Screens
    LED screen hire - available here at ATComms. We stock a wide range of LED and LCD screens ranging from 42" up to a massive 95". To compliment these we also stock K-base and Parabella Stands, flying brackets and for our larger screens we use our powered ScreenStalk SupaStalks.
  • Switching Systems (4)

    Switching Systems
    Switching systems to hire - available here at ATComms. We stock a wide variety of switching systems to help you at your event and to keep it connected. Some audio/video switchers are flexible enough to handle audio and video on each channel. Not many switches have this capability, so look for this in our listed features of the product. Our wide selections below are cared for and maintained with the utmost of quality for your satisfaction.
  • Vision Mixers (5)

    Vision Mixers
    Vision mixer hire - available here at ATComms. We stock the very best in vision mixers. These devices are used to select between several different video sources - all ready and prepared to be used at your next event. Take a look below and browse through our wide selection of vision mixers and pick one that’s right for you.
  • Scan Converters (6)

    Scan Converters
    Scan converter hire, available here at ATComms. Our scan converters optimise high resolution video inputs for use on standard definition inputs. Each scan converter you can see below is cared for and maintained at a high quality so that they perform at their best at your event. Go ahead and take a look below.
  • Audio Visual (7)

    Audio Visual
    Audio and visual equipment hire - available here at ATComms. Ranging from the Hive Mastercue to the Logitech Wireless Presenter, we hold an extensive collection of Audio Visual systems to allow your next event to run smoothly.
  • Portable Production Units (2)

    Portable Production Units
    Here at ATC we stock two of the best portable production units in the business. Both of our PPU’s provide your event with a high definition production quality. One of them is even incredibly transportable and compact! Take a look for yourself below and choose one which is right for your event.
  • Computers (10)

    Computer hire, available here at ATC. We provide our clients with some of the best computers out there on the market. Ranging from Apple’s iMac with its stunning 5K display to a professional Dell Latitude. We also provide Apple’s TV and Airport devices as a package to make your event connected. Take a look at our amazing range of devices below and see for yourself.
  • Data Screens (3)

    Data Screens
    At an event it is important that you have a visual view of what is going on with the technological equipment around you, and with one of our data screens this is possible. Here at ATC we can provide data screens ranging from 22” to 24” depending on your needs. These monitors bring together outstanding image quality with high performance features all packed into a stylish compact design. Take a look at our range below to see for yourself.
  • Distribution (11)

    Here at ATC we allow the ability to split input signals into output signals using our wide variety of distribution devices. Ranging from our Audio Video 6 way to our Karma 4 way, all maintained and stored with the highest level of quality ready for use at your event.
  • Video Cable (9)

    Video Cable
    Video Cable is an essential component of any event. With DVI, SDI, RGB/HV and CAT5 in stock in lengths of 20 to 100m, take a look for the cable that’s right for you.
  • Preview Monitors (2)

    Preview Monitors
    Here at ATC we stock some of the most professional preview monitors on the market. Ranging from our Sony PVM monitor to the Black Magic Duo.
  • Playback (8)

    At ATC we stock the best in professional Playback Systems that are made to make your event more seamless than ever. Ranging from our AJA Pro Hard Drive which has to ability to make any camera tapeless to our Playback Pro Plus which allows for HD & SD playback over its specialised software.