Effects & Control

At ATC we stock Effects and Control hardware ranging from BSS’s Opal Graphic EQ to Soniflex’s RB-DA6. These products provide audio sweetening through to audio splitting.

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  • Shure SCM810E Automatic Mic Mixer

    The SCM810 is an eight-channel automatic microphone mixer designed for use in sound reinforcement, audio recording, and broadcast applications. The SCM810 dramatically improves audio quality in any application where multiple microphones are required.
  • Motu 858 mk3 Audio Interface


    This box contains everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful 24-bit/96kHz digital audio workstation

  • Klark Teknik DN7454 Audio Delay


    2 balanced XLR inputs and 4 balanced XLR outputs. It provides time alignment, equalisation, muting and level functions all accessible via an RS232 serial port, using free propriety software.

  • Klark Teknik DN7204 Stereo Delay


    The Klark Teknik DN7204 is a high-quality, professional digital audio processor. It has 2 balanced XLR inputs, and 4 balanced XLR outputs.

  • Klark Teknik DN370 Graphic EQ


    The DN370 has electronically-balanced input and output circuits to perserve the highest signal integrity. The inputs have excellent commom mode rejection and the outputs have high-drive capability to cope with long cable runs.

  • Klark Teknik DN360 Graphics EQ


    The Klark Teknik DN360 is the industry standard stereo 30-band graphic equaliser. It is simplicity to set-up and operate. It will ensure that speech is loud and clear every-time. The DN360 has two channels with 30 bands of EQ making for 80Hz low cut for speech.

  • BSS Opal Graphic EQ

    The BSS Opal EQ is a comprehensive EQ for room contouring, feedback control and general audio sweetening. It has features such as 30 ISO bands, each with +/- 15dB of gain, constant Q filters for better efficiency and balanced inputs and outputs on XLR, 1/4 inch jack.
  • Soniflex RB-DA6


    The soniflex is a 6 way stereo distribution amplifier. The unit can be used in either stereo to six-way stereo or mono to twelve-way mono modes.

  • Instrument DI BOX


    Instrumental DI Box is an industry standard DI and is essential for trouble-free direct connection of unbalanced audio equipment (such as domestic CD, DVD or Video players or guitars and keyboards) to balanced audip equipment. The unit offers connection via an unbalanced jack or unbalanced XLR and outputs via a low impedance XLR. Can be powered by phantom power, or by an onboard 9V battery for uninterrupted use. A switchable 20 or 40 dB pad and earth lift allows for maximum connectivity.