Sound Equipment

From Mixers, Amps and Receivers to Hearing Loops, PA and Line Array, ATC stock a wide range of Sound Equipment for your needs.

  • Audio Mixing Desks (13)

    Audio Mixing Desks
    From the Yamaha QL5 to Spirit’s Notepad, here at ATC we have the right Audio Mixing Desk for your event. All of our products are maintained with the greatest of care providing you with excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Amplifiers (7)

    Here at ATC we stock a wide variety d&b amplifiers ranging from their D12 to their P1200A. These amplifiers go perfectly with any signal processing set ups and provide specific speaker control. All of our amplifier are cared for and maintained at the highest level to ensure for great customer satisfaction.
  • Speakers (13)

    We stock a wide variety of d&b Speakers along with Yamaha’s monitors. Our d&b’s range from their T10 to their E18 bass sub. All of these speakers provide superior sound quality and all are easily transportable to your event.
  • Radio Microphones (21)

    Radio Microphones
    Here at ATC we stock a wide variety of radio microphones that are perfect for your live event. We hire out mics ranging from Headset to drum and even the transmitters to go with them.
  • Lectern Microphones (3)

    Lectern Microphones
    Our Lectern Microphones are well suited for all kind of events including conferencing. We stock and hire out a wide variety of microphones ranging from the C747 to the Technica 935. All of these provide superior vocal transmission and freedom of movement.
  • Audio Playback (5)

    Audio Playback
    Our Audio Playback devices range from CD players to a flash player recorders. All these are available for hire at a moment’s notice. Just get in touch.
  • Effects & Control (9)

    Effects & Control
    At ATC we stock Effects and Control hardware ranging from BSS’s Opal Graphic EQ to Soniflex’s RB-DA6. These products provide audio sweetening through to audio splitting.
  • Communications (11)

    Communication is a crucial part of any live event. Here at ATC we provide hardware that allows for seamless Communication. Our Hardware ranges from ASL Comms Master Stations to Beltpacks and Headsets.
  • Speaker & Microphone Stands (3)

    Speaker & Microphone Stands
    Here at ATC we provide some of the most versatile Speaker and Microphone Stands out there.