Lighting Equipment

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  • ETC Colorsource Par


    The ETC ColorSource Par combines exceptional light output with ETC’s unique RGB-L Colour mixing system, allowing for a rich & bright colour range compared to other LED fixtures.
    No external controller is required, with its stand-alone functions.

  • Zero 88 DMX Linebacker


    The DMX linebacker is a primarily 60 memory, 512 channel universal backup system for use with small to medium sized DMX lighting control desks.

  • Manfrotto Auto Pole


    Compact, strong and perfect for small spaces. This super clever Autopole Black Extends from 210cm to 370cm, while being compact enough to pop into your bag with ease. Weighing just 2.1kg, this nifty autopole is lightweight too, making it extra portable for professionals on the go. Even though it’s extra easy to pack away and transport, it still does everything you need it to.

  • Zero 88 Alpha Pack 2 DMX Dimmer Pack with Faders


    3 channel portable dimmers with built in safety features, analogue and DMX control. Alphapack 2 is a general purpose dimmer offering a useful tool in several applications. It has 3 faders for local control, or it can be controlled remotely as part of a large lighting system.

  • Source 4 Par 575W


    The Source Four 575 Watt PAR offers power, elegance and efficiency with a rugged die-cast aluminium construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology. The unique reflector coating ensures that only light instead of heat goes out of the front of the fixture, making the Source Four PAR ideal for orchestra lighting or other performance situations where on-stage comfort is paramount.

  • ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom Profile


    The smaller-scale Four Junior uses the same technology that made the standard Four great. That means unsurpassed imaging and beam quality. Compared to many conventional 650W and 1000W ellipsoidal spotlights, Source Four Junior’s 575 watts still delivers an even brighter light and offers the flexibility of multiple HPL lamp options and interchangeable lenses.

  • Selecon Rama 1200W Fresnel


    Saturated stage colour washes and dramatic highlighting capabilities are the result of combining a high quality, industry standard 150mm / 6″ lens with engineering excellence.

  • Cantata 1200w


    Cantata is the first range of luminaries to be designed for the new I200w tungsten halogen lamp. By incorporating a larger diameter lens and a specially designed reflector, up to 50% increase in useable light has been achieved over previous 1000w profile spots.

  • Selecon Acclaim 650W Fresnel


    Selecon’s popular Acclaim Fresnel is a general-purpose stage lens luminaire.

  • Manfrotto Push Up Stand


    The Manfrotto push up stand is made of black, anodized steel and rises to a maximum height of 11′ (3.3 m). Its levelling leg eases use on uneven terrain or stairs. This stand has three sections, two risers.

  • Strand Coda 500w Flood Light


    Strand CODA 500w Floodlight. A flood batten containing a single Coda unit. Ideal for illuminating cycloramas and backdrops. The unit can be either hung from a lighting bar or placed on a floor stand.