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  • Avolites ART 2000 12 Way Dimmer Rack


    Providing a complete solution to Dimming, Moving Light Power and Data distribution. No need to have separate mains distribution or DMX splitters making set up times faster and lowering the number of individual components needed to put a show together. The ART 2000 controls up to 48 individual channels using four plug in modules of 12 channels each able to run up to 10 amps.

  • Robin 300 LED Wash


    Utilising 19 multichip LEDs and motorised linear zoom 15 – 60 degrees the ROBIN® 300 LEDWash offers great flexibility with superior homogenization of the light source. Specialized component optics composed of highly efficient elements ensures completely smooth colour mixing and it emphasizes dynamic array of true colours and hues.

  • Chauvet Q-Wash 560Z – LED


    The Q-Wash 560Z-LED is a moving yoke wash with a wide zoom range and a variable beam angle. It powers out an impressive 13100 lux at 5 metres. The incorporation of 91 high intensity and calibrating RGBWA Cree LEDs ensures a uniform wash, excellent colour rendering and a vast colour palette of soft pastels and vivid hues.

  • Robe ROBIN® LEDBeam 150


    Attractive colorful chases and smooth transitions are powered by a cluster of high power multichip 30W RGBW LEDs. The spectacular zoom range of 3,8° to 60° uses an eminent custom-designed optical system. A highly optimised motorised control produces speedy pan and tilt movement. Besides intense strobing capabilities, the LEDBeam 150 also offers gentle 18-bit dimming, including Tungsten lamp effects. Simplified control via pre-programmed colors on a virtual color wheel and various strobing and pulsing effects allows quick and easy programming.

  • DMX-512 8 Way Splitter


    The magic box 8 way DMX buffer box is a fault tolerant, self healing DMX buffer designed to fully isolate all outputs from each other.

  • Chauvet Ovation F-265WW Fresnel


    Ovation F-265WW is a high-power Fresnel-style fixture utilizing our efficient warm white LED system to project a bright, beautifully soft, high CRI (95+) field of light ideal for theaters and television studios. A motorized zoom with a 27°- 68° field angle and the light output can be controlled via DMX, on-board dials, RDM, adjustable PWM and an easy to navigate OLED full-text display.

  • LED Force 18 RGBW Par Can


    With new tri-colour and quad-colour LED technology, superior colour mixing with no multicolour shadows and an extremely bright beam with a 25° beam angle. The LED 18 RGBW Par Cans will please any lighting professional.

  • Chauvet COLORado 1-Tri Tour


    COLORado 1-Tri Tour is built just for indoor use, which allows the incorporation of Neutrik powerCON connectors for a speedier and easier setup. Specially designed optics make the light from the LEDs converge before leaving the fixture, ensuring even better color mixing. Selectable dimming curves and optional color blending filters further enrich the performance of this excellent, road-tested wash. COLORado 1-Tri Tour also includes an attachable gel frame holder.

  • Chauvet EVE E-100Z Zooms


    EVE E-100Z is a powerful spot fixture featuring sharp pattern projection with a 100 W warm white LED light source. It’s designed for mobile and installation applications. This versatile fixture works with metal or glass gobos to create incredible gobo or pattern details. The manual zoom and framing shutters make it simple to control beams.

  • Tamlite 400W MBI Flood


    400W MBI outdoor rated floodlight. Ideal for exhibitions and trade show stands, and outdoor large area highlighting

  • Chauvet LED EVE E-50Z Profiles


    The EVE E-50Z is an LED ellipsoidal profile that shines a hard-edged, warm white spot and features D-Fi™ USB compatibility for wireless Master/Slave or DMX control.

  • Chauvet LED EVE F-50Z Fresnel


    EVE F-50Z is an LED Fresnel fixture that shines a soft-edged, warm white spot and features D-Fi™ USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. Manual zoom gives you the flexibility to project from any distance. You can operate EVE F-50Z in standalone mode eliminating the need for DMX control and you can save time running extension cords by power linking multiple units.

  • Manfrotto Wind Up Stand


    The Wind Up Stand 3-Section with Geared Column in Black Zinc is the ultimate stand for professionals looking for a steady, reliable, totally user-friendly and intuitive stand. With this handy piece of kit, you’ll always be able to capture the perfect lighting, wherever you are, and keep a level footing regardless of the terrain. It’s a practical, heavy-duty stand, supporting up to 30kg so you can be sure it’s up to any challenge.


  • Selecon SPX 15/35 800w Zoom Profile


    These lamps are a fresh new look at the ellipsoidal profile and has been developed to meet the evolving needs of 21st century entertainment lighting practice. This new range from Philips Selecon is outstanding in its class with many new and innovative features while still retaining the intuitive controls, beam angles and appearance that you’re familiar with so there’s no need to re-learn your craft.

  • Chroma Q LED Color Bloc 2


    New and improved version of the Chroma Q Bloc with new single color RGBA optics, 530 lumens output (almost double the original model)With its radically increased colour palette and high CRI of 90, the Color Bloc 2 fixture is a master at creating vibrant bold colours and subtle theatrical hues.

  • Chroma Q LED Color Bloc


    The Color Bloc’s modular design and comprehensive range of fixing options allows users to easily create a complete LED system using stock of just one generic fixture type – including battens, blinders and various mounting configurations using the built in fixing.