ATC provided support for Volvo’s XC90 ‘Meet the Car’ event. The two-week long event provided an opportunity for VIP guests to see a reveal of the car, and get an in-depth preview ahead of the main launch.
ATC supplied all technical support for the event, which involved a main event area and breakout rooms.
For the main area ATC supplied two Panasonic 80” LCD screens fed by presentation laptops and Macbook Pros, plus a camera feed sent wirelessly via a Teradeck Bolt Pro 2000 kit.
Audio support was provided by D&B T and E series systems with Shure radio mics and Countryman headsets for presenter use.

Lighting support came from Robe Robin 300 LED washes, Robe Robin 600E spots, Robe Pointe Beam, Chauvet LED colour block and Source 4 and Selecon generic lights for set and stage. The fixtures were controlled by a Pearl Tiger Touch Pro desk and Avolites Powercube dimmer.
ATC also provided all set, stage and rigging for the event.
The three breakout rooms were each fitted with Panasonic 65” LCD screens for video support, D&B PA systems for audio and LED colour block for lighting.

“…I’d like to pass my thanks on to Chris, Steve and the team from AT Comms who went above and beyond what would normally be expected…….we couldn’t have pulled off the Solihull and Edinburgh locations without the desire from you guys to deliver the right experience without being asked!”
Stephen Low
Volvo Cars