ATC was proud to support Volvo Car for the launch of its XC90 model at East Midlands Conference Centre and De Vere Nottingham University – a six-day event involving a number of different areas.


Video support for this main area comprised a five-projector mapping system for both the set backdrop and the XC90. ATC provided all content, including an opening video sequence and an in-depth product session working with video and animation creator Stuart Dearnaley – an ideal application of projection mapping technology and creative flair that showed both the XC90 and mapping system at their best.

The Fika Lounge
A social institution in Sweden, Fika is a (usually coffee) break with friends, family or colleagues. Part of the event brief was to provide a Fika lounge in the venue, which we achieved with the use of lighting, graphics, and trees.
The Dinner Room
The concept for this area was to ‘bring the outside in’, which we achieved by constructing a room within a room and a fourteen projector blend on all four walls. This projected a 360-degree immersive experience of a Swedish landscape, showing a change through the seasons during the evening, ending with the northern lights. Creative use of lighting enhanced the projection and the feel of changing seasons, with table lighting, table tops, and table centers designed and supplied by ATC.
Walkway to dinner
We realised the brief to create a forest scene in this area with a unique tree design, along with large prints of a forest, lighting and dry ice.