ATC was proud to work with Caffeine and Machine, and Jaguar Land Rover to create a great media launch event for the new F-Pace SVR.

For visual support ATC provided two LG 98” UHD screens to display images of the new performance SUV.

Two D&B Q subs and six D&B Q7 speakers were used to create a surround effect, with two stacks of a Q sub and two Q7s located at the front of the guest area and two single Q7s located at the rear, to produce a more immersive experience for the guests.

A three watt Kvant laser projected an animated version of the SVR logo which proved to be a popular attraction during the event with delegates using it for selfies and other photo opportunities.

Elation moving head lights and a hazer enhanced the reveal, and combined with the other technical elements enabled ATC to create a special event that was enjoyed by client and guests.