Like our industry colleagues ATC knows that during difficult trading climates the need to deliver a message does not go away, and usually becomes far more important. Our team have developed an efficient, streamlined, cost-effective solution to enable our clients to do so – ATC LIVE ROOM.
Situated at both our Tamworth and London premises, ATC LIVE ROOM is a TV studio style environment designed to stream to your chosen online audience, and has –
  • Stage and presenter seating
  • Large LED screen for backdrop and presentations
  • PowerPoint & Keynote facility
  • Presentation video playback
  • Multiple camera video feed
  • Facility for camera input from presenters at remote sites, via phone, iPad or webcam
  • Presenter monitors
  • Full audio support
  • Stage lighting
ATC LIVE ROOM has also been designed with audience interaction in mind, so we can provide both live Q & A, and chat facility as feedback to presenters during the online event.
Having taken live action from stage, presentation content and input from remote sites we can stream to your chosen platform, including –
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • YouTube (with content restrictions)
  • Facebook (with content restrictions)
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
Both ATC LIVE ROOM studios are social distancing compliant, with hand sanitisers available.
For further information please contact –
Tamworth office – 01827 301010
London office – 0203 940 5353