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  • Christie Spyder X20 Video Processor


    The Christie Spyder X20 is a versatile hardware-based video processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher. It provides users with a 20 megapixel bandwidth to blend, window, mix and scale any source format and then routes the signal to any destination device or combination of display devices.

  • Samsung 95″ FHD Large Format Display


    The Samsung 95” display is one of best out there on the market in this day and age. With its absolutely stunning design and sleek presence, this display blends in perfectly with any event. When multiple displays are grouped together to create a stunning video wall, the 95”’s ultra-narrow bezels seem to disappear into the background for a seamless viewing experience. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a weight of only 68kg this screen is perfect for your event.

  • Panasonic PT-RZ970 Laser Projector


    With incredible picture quality and practical features such as low maintenance and vivid colour performance, the PT-RZ970 is perfect in many different applications. Ranging from museums, theatres and control rooms this projector is perfect for your event. Powered by the Solid Shine laser drive and Panasonics 1-Chip DLP technology the PT-RZ970 also features dust resistant optics and a quick start up and turn off feature, the PT-RZ970 exceeds all user expectations.

  • Panasonic 80″ FHD Screen


    Panasonic’s Full HD 1080p Slim LED with a narrow bezel- This is a slim and stylish screen with a very narrow frame that will look great in many different rooms and many different events. As well as being slimline, LED screens produce bright, eye-catching pictures and use less energy than traditional LCD or Plasma screens. Featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio and DVI-D, VGA inputs, this makes the Panasonic 80” the perfect screen for your event.

  • Panasonic PT-RZ670 Laser Projector


    The PT-RZ670 is Panasonic’s answer to long term projection. This projector was developed with the goal of achieving the highest possible image level going in the ranks with the PT-RZ12K. Panasonics 6k supplies superb image quality with a brightness of 6,500lm and ideal white balance with increased detail and clarity. With a durable design and a hard travel case, transportation has never been easier.

  • Panasonic PT-DZ 6710E Projector


    Panasonic’s PT-DZ6710E 1-chip DLP projectors now offer even brighter and more vivid images with full high definition resolution.

  • Barco Screen Pro-II 3G (EOC Card)


    ScreenPRO-II uses four image layers (unscaled background, up to two scaled PiPs or keys, and an unscaled downstream key) to produce sophisticated effects, including live transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PiP windows, wipes, dissolves and keys. An internal 8×2 analog video router provides universal analog sources to each scaler schannel.

  • Sony HSC-100 HD Camera Channel


    The HSC-100 incorporates digital triax technology and is equipped with sophisticated 16-bit A/D conversion circuitry as well as superb three 2/3-inch CCDs to bring out a high level of picture quality over conventional digital triax infrastructures.

  • Sony HXC-100 HD/SD Camera Channel


    The HXC-100 HD/SD System Camera equipped with newly developed digital triax technology, which allows systems to be configured with conventional triax.

  • Barco Screen Pro-II SDI


    The ScreenPRO-II Seamless Switcher is a multi-layer video system that combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects to provide a versatile video production toll for any live event application. The ScreenPRO-II supports input and output resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 (true HD) and uses high quality motion adaptive de-interlacing for HD and SD sources.