Here at AT Communications we stock a wide variety of switching devices to help you at your event and to keep it connected. Some Audio/Video Switchers are flexible enough to handle audio & video on each channel. Not many Switches have this capability, so look for this in our listed features of the product. Our wide selections below are cared for and maintained with the utmost of quality for your satisfaction.

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  • Barco Screen Pro-II 3G (EOC Card)


    ScreenPRO-II uses four image layers (unscaled background, up to two scaled PiPs or keys, and an unscaled downstream key) to produce sophisticated effects, including live transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PiP windows, wipes, dissolves and keys. An internal 8×2 analog video router provides universal analog sources to each scaler schannel.

  • Barco Screen Pro-II SDI


    The ScreenPRO-II Seamless Switcher is a multi-layer video system that combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects to provide a versatile video production toll for any live event application. The ScreenPRO-II supports input and output resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 (true HD) and uses high quality motion adaptive de-interlacing for HD and SD sources.

  • Analog Way Pulse PLS350 Switcher


    The Pulse PLS350 Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher from Analog Way is a versatile, high-quality A/V presentation mixer/switcher that offers up to 8 inputs and can display up to two live sources. The PLS350 two frame layers offer background and foreground positions. With new quick frame functions, a foreground frame can quickly hide all other layers when necessary.


  • Barco PDS-902 HD Switcher


    The PDS series is designed to meet today’s requirements for a high-quality, easy-to-use and fast seamless switcher with more digital inputs at an affordable price. Thanks to its straightforward setup and operation the PDS is a perfect fit for live events, boardrooms, hotel ballrooms, houses of worship, education and training facilities and fixed installations.

  • Analog Way Pulse LE PLS200 Switcher


    Pulse LE by Analog Way is a Dual Scaler Mixer Seamless Switcher with Universal Analog and Digital input/output and Full High Resolution Digital Processing. It offers numerous Live effects including Keying and PiP animation.

  • Barco DCS-200 Switcher


    The DCS-200 is a dual-channel switcher designed to provide true seamless switching between different input sources and formats, while maintaining superb scaling quality at an affordable price. It has been designed for straightforward and simple operations, which makes it the ideal seamless switcher for live events, boardrooms, hotel ballrooms, houses of worship, lecture halls, training facilities and more.

  • Folsom Matrix Switcher 12×8


    The MatrixPRO High-Resolution Matrix Switcher is designed to route universal inputs such as composite video, s video, component, and computer video sources (640×480 to 2048×1536). Audio routing is an option. MatrixPRO is an ideal switcher to provide professional-quality video signal routing.