Sound Equipment

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  • Motorola CP040 Walkie Talkie


    The four channel motorola CP040 requires minimal training and keeps team members in touch without distracting them with complicated features.

  • Motorola DP1400 Digital Portable Radio


    Simple and affordable enough for any event, Motorola’s DP1400 portable two-way analogue/digital radio connects you and your crew quickly & efficiently

  • AKG CK91 Lectern Microphone


    The CK 91 is a classic cardioid condenser Microphone. Its high sensitivity and low profile make it ideal as a lectern microphone. The CK91 microphone capsule comes with an AKG300B power module, a VR91 extension tube, an optional pop shield and microphone clip and clamp.

  • AKG CK33 Lectern Microphone


    The AKG CK33 condenser microphone features a hyper-cardioid pick up angle and high sensitivity whichh make it ideally suited for use on lecterns and top table. The CK 33 capsule is supplied in a kit with two goose neck length options, table bases, and microphone clamps; ensuring discrete set-up for the most demanding productions.

  • AKG C747 Lectern Microphone


    The C747 is a hyper-cardioid condenser microphone, and is well suited for conferencing. The C747’s hyper-cardioid response and high sensitivity allows for greater freedom of movement and a clear vocal transmission even for novice speakers. The C747’s small dimensions and accessories allow plenty of set up options.

  • Countryman Headset Mic


    Ultra-Small Wireless Earset Mic with Shure Terminator Plug – A best-loved mic of its kind! The Omnidirectional Earset microphone is practically invisible to the audience, but the sound it delivers is unbelievably rich and natural.

  • d&b E3 Speaker


    The E3 is an extremely small and versatile high performance system with astonishing sound and excellent headroom.

  • USB Balance Box


  • ASL Dual Channel Beltpack

    The ASL Dual Channel Belt Pack is housed in a strong metal case provided with a steel belt clip.

  • Single Channel Beltpack & Headset


    The PS 19M is a portable single channel intercom station. It is housed in a strong metal case provided with a steel belt clip. The DT 108 is used throughout the world for news gathering, film, TV production and live events.

  • Yamaha Monitor Speaker


    An ideal powered monitor, with a versatile selection of inputs.

  • PC Balance box


    Being completely passive and bi-directional, the Interspace PC Balance Box can match unbalanced and balanced audio sources, line to mic levels, stereo and mono signals, and troubleshoot hum problems all in one versatile and rugged unit. The PC Balance Box is the simplest way to interface unbalanced computer or consumer audio signals to balanced AV sound systems.

  • Instrument DI BOX


    Instrumental DI Box is an industry standard DI and is essential for trouble-free direct connection of unbalanced audio equipment (such as domestic CD, DVD or Video players or guitars and keyboards) to balanced audip equipment. The unit offers connection via an unbalanced jack or unbalanced XLR and outputs via a low impedance XLR. Can be powered by phantom power, or by an onboard 9V battery for uninterrupted use. A switchable 20 or 40 dB pad and earth lift allows for maximum connectivity.

  • Boom Mic Stand


    Boom Mic Stand compatible with all hand held microphones.

  • Shure UHF-R Active Antenna (Pair)


    This UHF antenna uses a log periodic dipole array to produce a cardioid pattern toward the desired coverage area, achieving greater rejection of RF signals outside the area than standard ½ wave omnidirectional antennas.

  • Proel Speaker Stands


    A high quality speaker stand with a triple height adjusting safety system. A steel security pin attached to a chain passes through the upper pole which is held at the desired height by a compression clamp which does not score the pole when tightened.