Lectern Microphones

Our lectern microphones are well suited for all kind of events including conferencing. We stock & hire out a wide variety of microphones ranging from the C747 to the Technica 935. All of these provide superior vocal transmission and freedom of movement.

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  • Audio Technica 935 Lectern Microphone


    The super compact 935 is perfect for a low profile appearance. With its small diameter gooseneck it provides for flexible positioning.

  • AKG CK91 Lectern Microphone


    The CK 91 is a classic cardioid condenser Microphone. Its high sensitivity and low profile make it ideal as a lectern microphone. The CK91 microphone capsule comes with an AKG300B power module, a VR91 extension tube, an optional pop shield and microphone clip and clamp.

  • AKG C747 Lectern Microphone


    The C747 is a hyper-cardioid condenser microphone, and is well suited for conferencing. The C747’s hyper-cardioid response and high sensitivity allows for greater freedom of movement and a clear vocal transmission even for novice speakers. The C747’s small dimensions and accessories allow plenty of set up options.

  • AKG CK33 Lectern Microphone


    The AKG CK33 condenser microphone features a hyper-cardioid pick up angle and high sensitivity whichh make it ideally suited for use on lecterns and top table. The CK 33 capsule is supplied in a kit with two goose neck length options, table bases, and microphone clamps; ensuring discrete set-up for the most demanding productions.